Til Nadler. Gordon Giers. Hans Redlefsen. Three men, one decision: to only work with people they like. This spirit has shaped their philosophy since the start. And guarantees their clear vision. Then and now. As business partners, owners and friends.

After studying business in London and sharing a home together for a while, each initially went his own way. Gordon Giers to Florence, Til Nadler to Milan, Hans Redlefsen to Hamburg. Yet the idea of collaborating someday remained. Today, they manage every department at Closed, complementing each other extremely well: Gordon Giers is responsible for design and marketing, while Til Nadler manages distribution and Hans Redlefsen oversees the company’s finances. As a team, they’ve established a dynamic vision of the company: to always create sophisticated, high-quality designs – and to make every stage of the production process as sustainable as possible. Together with friends. Now and forever.

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